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Hi! My name is. Charlotte and I am a level 3 media student. I have always loved taking pictures and editing videos and I have wanted to study media for a long time so I can learn to how to take pictures with a professional camera. I would also love to learn how to make short films and I would like to learn how to make podcasts. 

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Work Experience
Gymnastics coaching - I worked as an assistant gymnastics coach every Saturday from April 2019 - April 2022. I used to do gymnastics when I was younger for 10 years, so my gymnastics experience helped me recieve this job. I got to work with a range of people of different ages and and it has helped me learn how to teach and communicate to others. 
Inspiretec - I have been working as a Junior Creative Designer at the company, Inspiretec since May 2022. I have had the opportunity to shoot and edit a lot of videos for their company (mostly interview and corporate videos) and I mostly work remotely. Working her has given me the chance to make videos for a professional business and it has also taught me how to follow instructions.  

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